About us


      K. Ballhorn makes music since about 15 years. His main focus is music production. He started as a DJ with two turntables and a microphone. Over the years he bought more and more instruments and equipment and spent hours, days, weeks and years creating music. He attended the sae audio-engineering school, by completing many different productions he learned the art of mixing and mastering and released vinyls and cds on his own label.

      J. Ballhorn plays various instruments and makes music covering all categories. Since 2003 his studio is based in Berlin. “Songasapresent” is his idea. He is in charge of the compositions, the lyrics, the recordings and the CD productions. He takes care of the Homepage, the orders and transmissions and is the man for everything else which comes the way.


      A. Ballhorn loves music since her childhood and has been singing in many different choirs and groups since then. She is a trained nursery nurse and Dipl. Socialworker/ -pedagogue. She always combined her love for music with her professional activities.

      Concerning “Songasapresent” A.Ballhorn works as a singer and writer, in addition she supports her husband morally and active.


More co-workers:

      According to requirements more musicians, singer, designer and programmer work for the productions of “Songasapresent”. Special thanks go to our at that time three months old daughter. She inspired us for the basic idea of the color combination for the page.