Song Selection


You choose your music style and we produce your song with the personal dedication for 16.50 - $. For 27.00 - $ you can choose it with an individual CD-layout.


If you do not find the right song, contact us here:

and we will find a solution!


The name of the recipient and the dedication is going to be recorded again. The name is printed on the CD cover, as well is the name and the dedication inserted in the inlaycard with the lyrics.




German Pop 

Hip Hop




To listen and to order a song, please klick on the above musicstyles.

You can pay with credit card, over PayPal or bank transfer.



Here is an example on how a dedication could sound like:  


You can choose between these two CD cover:

On the left side you see the classic cover and on the right side the flashy cover.

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The left side you see the inlaycard with the lyrics and your personal dedication:

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Our Service


- Select a song from the song selection page and provide us with the 

  name of the person that will receive the song and, if you like, a

  personal dedication.

- We modify the readily composed songs by including the name of your

  special person and the dedication

- We professionally mix your song in our recording studio.

- We professionally master your song to guarantee exceptionally high

  sound quality.

- We provide a professionally finished CD including label print and CD

  layout in a classy box.

- After a process time from at least 1.5 hours, the CD is ready to be send

  in an insured package.

- This copyright-free song can be played everywhere (except for a

   favorite-song order), everywhere you like, and without registration.


You can pay via PayPal, creditcard or bank transfer.